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Here is a sneak peak from my upcoming film "WASTELAND" KEO vs SCUTTER!!!


6/3/08 Aloha!!!
Our producer put a new trailer up last night, I hope you enjoy it.....This trailer was shot with limited finances as a Fund Raising Campaign to raise money to make Repeat Offenders by giving Investors and Distributors an idea of what it's like. With the budget locked, we will re-shoot these scenes and the entire movie.

Please give us your support and let everyone know to stop by and leave a comment...Much Mahalo's!
http://uk. youtube. com/watch?v=Kced8LDlaIE

Here’s a SPECIAL SNEAK PEEK from my new movie WASTELAND-Here are The LEE SISTERS!
Go Girls!!!


O.K. This is getting strange... Yesterday, I just found out a film(Tribes of October)I have been trying to get made is in Pre Production and looks to shoot by the end of this year..Yeah!!! Today, I look at the imdb I find Im cast in another friend's movie called "DEATH WARRIOR" in the role "Blade"...This is what's weird about the situation, I never read for it and I was never contacted!! Don't get me wrong, I love to work on it, but I have yet to see a script..So I guess I have to make some phone calls on Monday to see what's going on...Booking work without any audition is pretty cool and I'm honored that my peers have the confidence in me as an actor!...I can only hope it's just a progression upward in my acting career..


Death Warrior (2008)
Plot outline
Five of the best mixed martial arts champions from around the world are forced to play a deadly game, a game to the death.

Looks like one of the many films I tried to get of the ground is going into production! "Tribes of October" is a film written by my friends Paul Sloan and Nick Vallelonga and will be directed by Nick. I will play the of role of "Thai Joey". Looks to shoot later this year..Will post more info asap.

Plot summary for
Tribes of October (2009)

On a rainy night, in a dark, surreal Asian world that's neither past, present or future, six detectives, along with many innocent bystanders, are gunned down mercilessly in an Asian restaurant. The killers apparently are the Ghouls, evil spirits who come out every five years on Halloween. Living through the slaughter are Detective Harper and Detective Callahan. They decide to go after the killers themselves, recruiting two other detectives to risk their badges with them. Investigating the murders is Detective Spenser who is joined by Special Investigator Rome. Rome has along with him a mysterious sidekick, the See-er, a blind black man who can see into peoples minds and souls. What Harper and Callahan don't know is that they've been set up by another cop, Detective Brannigan; he has made a deal with Akuma, the dictator of this Asian world, to get rid of them...

My wonderful Manager Rachel Rothman is teaming up with another management group to form a new powerhouse management team! Now I got 3 managers! Nice! their contact info is :

Rothman, Patino, Andres Entertainment
4741 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Ste. 100
Valley Village, Ca 91607

New trailer for my new film: REPEAT OFFENDERS: Things To Come.

New demo is up! It's a tighter version..

For Corrado info hit me.

Booked on CORRADO in the role of "JIMMY KIM" It shoots for 2 days in May. It stars Tom Sizemore and a couple of actors from the SOPRANOS..

It's been awhile so here is what is going on..Just finishing up on WASTELAND's pick up shots and things are going great! HERE’S A NEW ROUGH SNEAK PREVIEW from WASTELAND! More news to come!

I NEED TO ACT!!!!!!!!!Hope to book something big soon!

Templar: Honor Among Thieves casting news!

Garret T. Sato - Azrael

Garret has officially been cast as the ruthless mercenary known as Azrael. His strong acting and physical presence more than qualified him for the role. A professional in every respect, Garret has a long history of hard work and dedication to his craft. He credits none other than Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa as being his mentor in life.

First picture from the set of "Repeat Offenders"!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Me, Michelle Lee and Taimak.

Well working on "Repeat Offenders" now. Training is going good. Will post pictures soon...


Booked! On "Repeat Offenders" from MOKI entertainment in the lead role of "KATANA" it will be directed by Sergio Guerrero "A Day without a Mexican." Film starts shooting in early Nov.

To see a sneak peak of my upcoming film "WASTELAND" watch my new demo.
New demo 10/11

***LOCAL BOYS scene from "ONLY THE BRAVE"***

*****Another Update! Just got called from Danny Goldman Casting confirming my second commercial booking of the day! So that makes it my third commercial of the year! It's for IT-PROS and that shoots Monday.

Booked my second commercial of the year! It's an AT&T promo for it's new upcoming cable network.

Wow!!! Just got off the phone with the writer/director of our film for STRANGLEHOLDS TRUE TO JOHN WOO SHORT FILM CONTEST and we are one of 10 finalists! Wow again!!!! Thank you Ray,Steve,Till and Tim and the rest of the cast and crew! GOOD JOB! the official announcement will be made on this Wednesday!

My film for

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Wasteland Trailer

Just saw that "Duel of Legends" a film I shot last year has a website up and the Release Date:1 October 2007. I play "WOO" the Monk.


That's a wrap on WASTELAND! Here are some pictures from the set.

One less Lee sister!




For more stuff on WAstland go to its myspace.

Booked on "Night Watch" Keanu Reeves's next film. I play a "Korean Bad guy". Shoots July 20-24.

That's a wrap on "Stiletto" Had a great time and met some good people. Sorry no pictures! So wait for it to come out!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My long time mentor and friend Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa has offered to do a cameo in my upcoming film WASTELAND. It's my first film as the lead actor. Details are currently being worked out so we can work him into the storyline.This project is going to ROCK! More info to follow asap!

Well we are done with casting for WASTELAND and It was an interesting experience. I feel we got the some good actors and can't wait to start shooting. Our first cast meet and greet will be at the table read on MAY 5.

Hit me for Wasteland's Myspace page!


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Booked on a Farmers Insurance Commercial shoots this weekend. And that's a big YES!

Just got word that I'm booked on "STILETTO" with Director/Producer Nick Vallelonga. It will be a supporting role and works couple days in MAY and it's a VQ Productions. WOW that's 3 films shooting in MAY for me!

Will be working on 2 indie feature films shooting May. Hit the links for more info:

Wasteland: My first leading role in a film!

Fear of Attraction: My second lead role of the year where I play "THE MONK"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Next US TV Airing of "Cerberus":
Sat. Mar. 24 11:00PM SCIFI channel

Machine is on the shelves at Blockbuster today Tuesday March 6. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I'll be on "In Case of Emergency" in a small Co-Star role "PARK" on Mar. 7 at 9:30/8:30c on ABC
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
"The Good, the Bad and the Mob"
When Harry's son, Dylan, is repeatedly harassed by a school bully, Kelly ignores Harry's passive solution by hiring two goons from the massage parlor to protect Dylan at school. And when Jason finally gets Dr. Joanna to go out with him, he finds himself mortified as all his possessions get repossessed right in front of her.

1/17 New Demo:


Just got the word about Hydra and will be passing on it cause of a scheduling conflict.

Got a offered a lead role on this Sci Fi channel movie but,I have a shooting conflict! Shit! Well see and hope everything works out. Will update later.

Hawaiiwood Artical. To read the artical click on the pic. Thanks Joji!
Don Pierce, Dean Ishida, Joji Yoshida, Serena Karnagy and Me.

Watch me on ER tonight check your local listings! 

ER A House Divided (New)
10:01 PM, 59 min Thu 01/11/2007 KNBC 4 
Drama/Other TV14, English, Letterbox, 2007 
Luka reacts negatively when he sees Abby giving extra attention to a patient; Meg becomes infuriated when Gates moves out; Pratt is questioned by the police after one of his patients dies; Weaver makes a pivotal decis

****A recent photo and article from the Starbulletin:

Just got the new air date on my "ER" episode January 11 2007 (Season 13, Episode 13) "A House Divided" (2007)

A teaser trailer is up on YOUTUBE for the short film I just recently shot "Love and Decadence." Written and directed by Joseph Kamiya. Starring Garret T. Sato and Miley Yamamoto. SPRING 2007

My updated "24" Prequel scene out now on season 5 DVD!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My stats for the year: 
Booked 5 films but drop out of 2 
Booked 8 Short films but drop out of 3 
Booked 4 TV shows 
Booked 1 Commercial but turn it down due to a shooting conflict 
My goal by the end of the year is 20 bookings so 2 more to go.

Well after 12 years of trying to get on ER I finally BOOKED IT! I will be Guest Starring in the role of "Detective Drummond" I start on 11/28 and will be shooting of 6 of the 8 days.


Just got a promo trailer to POINT OF CONTACT 2. 


Here is the trailer for THE GIRLS NEVER CAME it was short film I shot earlier this year and hopefully it will make the festival circuit. 

Well just got the poster for the upcoming film POINT OF CONTACT 2. It will shoot sometime next year. Will post more info asap.



Just got word that I will be in the upcoming NBC Diversity showcase.The scene showcase, which will be held in January 2007, will consist of 8-10 scenes written by candidates from our Diversity Initiative for Writers. Scenes will be developed over a 4-6 week period with a writer and director. 

This is a tremendous opportunity to build contacts with up-and-coming directors and writers and to be seen by Los Angeles' top agents, casting directors, and executives from NBC and other major networks and studios.

Happy Halloween! Well the AFM will be going on this week so I hope it is a BIG success! Also like to report we are on pre production on the "RETIREMENT CLUB" the cast may include Russell Wong  and Treach. It will be produce by the same people behind "STRONGHOLD". More info to come later.


Well "Shinji" the film I completed shooting last month is now called "Stronghold" the trailer will be featured at the upcoming AFM(American Film Market) From Nov 1-8,2006. For more info about the film hit the poster for "Stronghold" Myspace page.


My stats for the year: 
Booked 5 films but drop out of 2 
Booked 7 Short films but drop out of 3 
Booked 3 TV shows 
Booked 1 Commercial but turn it down due to a shooting conflict 
My goal by the end of the year is 20 bookings so 4 more to go. 


"The Girls Never Came" a short I did earlier this years is done and will be making the festival circuit. Will post more info asap.

Click on me to go to The Girls Never Came Myspace site.

 I just book a Toyota commercial Yeah! But, turn it down cause of a shooting conflict..  :=(

Click on the picture for more info on the show!

Booked on "In Case of Emergency" A new comedy for ABC. My role may reacurr. My first scenes are with Kelly Hu. Will post more info when I get and read the script. Shoots Oct 11,12 & 13.


That's a wrap on SHINJI!


Got a feature write up on me in Midweek Hawaiiwood which is cool! Check it out:

Hawaiiwood article.
Hit me to read the article.

Raven Mad myspace page is up. I shot this short earlier this year. Don't have any new info to report yet. 

Raven Mad myspace page

We be working on SHINJI in the lead role of YUDAI YAMAGUCHI with friends Producer Ed Shen and Writer/Director Kantz. It's my 3 collaboration with them. Shoots in Sept.


Booked another film but it fell through. 
For more info go to My journals.
My stats for the year:
Booked  4 films but drop out of 2
Booked  7 Short films but drop out of 3
Booked  2 TV shows
My goal by the end of the year is 20 bookings so 7 more to go.


I like my hair really short! Also working to put a film called "Tribes of October" into production soon.

Just got word the that POINT OF CONTACT 2 will go in to production in early 2007.

Just booked 24!! But It's for the upcoming DVD only.But hey! now they know who I am. Works on 8/9.

Pictures from the set of "DULE OF LEGENDS" are up so go to Photo album.

The Girls Never Came Myspace site
Coming soon....

Sorry have not to much time to put things up here But, Here is what going on....Been Shooting DUELS of LEDGEND and It been 12 hour days but, so interesting see all these martial artist doing their thing. Also Bryan Sharp Director has made up a myspace site for the short THE GIRLS NEVER CAME so check it out.I need to go to HONOLULU!!! 

Hope you all had a great 4th of July! I did not I was sick.

Just booked "DUELS OF LEGENDS" in the Lead role of "WOO" from DESTINY ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTIONS. It Stars Cary Hiro-Yuki Tagawa. I Shoots for 7 days in Mid July. COOL!! 


Who's the man Michael MADSEN!! Just wrap on the MACHINE pick up shoots and it was so much fun...I sound like a little girl....My scene was with Mr.Madsen who is a quiet but cool guy.Was a honor to work with someone with his talent. Release date will be posted asap. Also up for a few other projects and will shout it out soon.. 

My demos are up go the demo page. 


Just got word that we are doing pick up shots on the film MACHINE. Shoots on 6/27.

The trailer for ACES is up! To be released on October 3, 2006

To view trailer click on the poster

Just got poster for the Movie ACES I did last year. Although my name is on the cover, my picture is not .But hey,it's all good.Warner Bros will distributing it(dvd).Premiers I think sometime this summer.

Click on the picture for the trailer


Cerberus the video is out and looks cool!

EXILE A Wlliard Motomura Film.Coming 2007


Up Coming Films!

Pre-Production on:

TRIBES of OCTOBER In the role of "Joey Thai" written by Paul Sloan and Nick Vallelonga and will be directed by Nick Vallelonga. Shoots Late 2008.

DEATH WARRIOR In the role "Blade" Directed by Hector Echavarria from Destiny Entertainment.Shoots Late Summer 2008.

In the lead role of "SATOSHI" From Armada Films

"RETIREMENT CLUB" (Shoots 2009)
In the 3rd lead with Russell Wong and Treach. from Director Kantz. a Modus Operandi Pictures and Moki Entertainment Film.

"DEAD RECKONING" (Shoots 2008)
In a lead role of "JONATHAN LAM" from writer/Director Kantz a Modus Operandi Pictures Productions

Upcoming Films in 2008/2009!

*STREET KING(Opens 4/11/08) In the role of "TOILET MAN"(Don't ask!) with Keanu Reeves from Writer / Director David Ayer. A Fox Searchlight Picture.

*ONLY THE BRAVE(Now on DVD) In a lead role of Richard "HILO" Imamura With Jason Scott Lee & Mark Dacascos .

CORRADO In the role of "Jimmy Kim" from Writer / Director Adamo P. Cultraro. It stars Tom Sizemore. A Taormina Films Production.

REPEAT OFFENDERS in the lead role of "KATANA" directed by JD Cochran. A MOKI entertainment productions.

WASTELAND In the lead of "KEO TANAKA" from Writer / Director Kantz. A Modus Operandi Pictures.

STILETTO In a supporting role of "AKI" with Tom Berenger, Michael Biehn and Kelly Hu. From Director Nick Vallelonga. A Stiletto Productions.

FEAR OF ATTRACTION In the lead of "THE MONK" A Monalisa Production.

DUEL OF LEGENDS In the lead role of "WOO" With Cary Hiro-Yuki Tagawa from Destiny Entertainment.

PROJECT PURGATORY In the lead role of "YUDAI YAMAGUCHI" from Writer / Director Kantz. A Modus Operandi Pictures & Moki Entertainment Film.


Mark Dacascos, John Koyama, Yuji Okumoto, Michael Sun Lee, Lane Nishikawa, Jason Scott Lee and Me

For more info click on the picture

Cerberus - Premieres Oct.29 9pm On the Sci Fi Channel

Art historian Samantha Gaines (Emmanuelle Vaugier, Mindstorm, Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell) is shanghaied into the search for the fabled Sword of Mars, a weapon of such infernal might that its possessor is said to be invincible. But even for those who know how to find the hidden blade, it isn't free for the taking: It's guarded by the Cerberus, a three-headed hellhound. And the Cerberus doesn't defend only the sword - it also stands sentry before a portal to Hell itself. Sebastian Spence (star of the SCI FI original series First Wave), Greg Evigan (TV's TekWar) and Garret Sato (The Shadow, The Mask, Pearl Harbor) also star.

Cerberus(Premieres Oct.29) on the SCI FI Channel!

Well I don't endorse anything unless I try it and I found this stuff really helps me alot! So for more info hit the GOJI JUICE picture.

Hit me and buy me!!!

Well I'm doing the Myspace thing. My big sister is helping me set it up..So if you want to be a friend Here's the link: 


ONLY THE BRAVE news articles.Use the links below.

OTB on Sunset at the Beach 11/13/05

NEW! Asianweek article on ONLY THE BRAVE. 2/24/05

New film on WWII nisei soldiers almost ready.(1/4/05)

"Only The Brave" previews at Blaisdell. (1/14/05)

Click Here For My Next Television Appearance.