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Garret T. Sato


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Quotes from people in the biz:

Garret was comfortable on set. He brought his acting just as I knew he would. He clowns during the table read, but when it's game time, Garret knows how to bring it! All I have to do is write something he can sink his teeth into. I'll write it Garret, and you bring it home. Only word to describe your acting today is INTENSE!

Lei Mowatt - Producer and Writer of "REPEAT OFFENDERS"

Can't thank you enough for being part of this. I had hoped it would be good.That a 10th of what I had imagined would end up on screen, but your performance helped make this something I never would have thought possible.

This weekend, I realized what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life,and your ability in your craft was a big part of that.
Ray Makowski
Writer /Director of "CODE 25" Top 10 finalists in STRANGLEHOLDS TRUE TO JOHN WOO SHORT FILM CONTEST!

I am so proud of you. You have proven that perseverance, drive and talent WILL WIN OUT. You make me proud.
Thank you!
Suze Lanier
My first acting coach!

I've worked a "few actors" in this business and i gotta say, you are one of the best all around, just not as a actor but as a human being and as a man. Homie you are long over do! Your blessings are right around the corner, get ready to recieve them!

Thanks for an amazing job well done, you were a GREAT compliment for the film!
Buddy Dolan - Writer / Producer "POINT OF CONTACT"

"Garret Sato brought such a great presence to FlyBoys. He was a joy to work with and is a terrific actor. I look forward to working with him again."
Rocco DeVilliers - Writer / Director "FlyBoys"

Your performance is really solid!
Lisa M. Hansen - Executive Producer "CERBERUS"

I recently had the pleasure to work with Garret on a film I did on location in Romania. He gets nothing short of my highest compliments---which is to say that he was the kind of actor that a director loves having on the set: professional, prepared, coming to the table with fresh, creative ideas and ready to help you make your vision a reality. And to top that off, he's a helluva nice guy off the set as well.
John Terlesky - Director "Cerberus"

You are only a handful of actors I would personally trust!
Jerry Franks - Former president of the Casting Society of America (CSA)

"To me, Garret is a director's dream actor. I've worked with him five times to date, and while the project always changes, his professionalism does not. He has a keen sense of story and character; he just seems to 'get it.' As a result, he never needs more than two or three takes to deliver the goods. In fact, he usually nails it on the first take. On top of all of that, Garret is a really nice and charming man, and it is always a pleasure for me to work with him."
Willard Motomura - Writer / Director, "Stranded"

We love him!!!
Gayle Pillsbury / Brett Greenstein (CSA) - Casting Directors "Hawaii" NBC

When are you going to get a real job?!?!?
Stacie Lee - THE EX-BOSS

Are you making any money?
Garret's - MOM

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