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Garret T. Sato
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Garret T. Sato

"I was born at Oahu, Hawaii, on November 7 1964. My father was a career military man, so I was raised as an army brat. My mother was a housewife during my younger years and later became a successful business woman. My younger years were spent traveling around the country (U.S.A.), depending on where my father was stationed. Final destination was Oahu, where I attended grade school all thru college.
In college I majored in Liberal Arts for 2 years. After college I drifted from job to job, until I got serious with body building and trained very hard to weigh 275 lbs and started to compete.
My first contest was in 1991 and I placed 3rd in the heavyweight class. During my time of training I was introduced to Drama and never looked back.
I dropped my bodyweight to 195 lbs, and went back to college and studied Drama. After years of studying, my professor urged me to consider acting as a profession. I did, and it was the most frightening time of my life. I arrived in Los Angeles in February 1992, I didn't know anybody or what I was in for, but I got lucky and hooked up with good people who helped me with my career and life. One of them was Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, whom I consider my mentor in life.
What I have experienced in life and being an actor is that you have to grow and learn to be honest and to trust yourself, since you are the instrument of your craft. As an actor currently I am going on auditions, networking, and keeping my focus on my career.
As for my ambitions and future, only God knows!
Garret T. Sato

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